Ramtech's Testing Services


Concrete, Roof Tiles & Fiber-Cement
ASTM C-33    Concrete Aggregates
ASTM C-39    Compressive Strength
ASTM C-67    Brick & Clay Tiles
ASTM C-109  Compressive Strength
ASTM C-209  Cellulose Fiber Insulating Board
ASTM C-273  Shear Properties
ASTM C-297  Tensile Properties
ASTM C-365  Compressive Strength
ASTM C-393  Flexural Properties
ASTM C-473  Gypsum Panel Products
ASTM C-482  Bond Strength
ASTM C-495  Compressive Strength
ASTM C-513  Compressive Strength
ASTM C-666  Rapid Freeze-Thaw
ASTM C-794  Adhesion in Peel
ASTM C-836  Solid Contents
ASTM C-1019 Sampling Grout
ASTM C-1167 Clay Roof Tiles
ASTM C-1185 Fiber-Cement
ASTM C-1186 Fiber-Cement
ASTM C-1225 Fiber-Cement
ASTM C-1288 Fiber-Cement
ASTM C-1305 Crack Bridging
ASTM C-1306 Hydro-Static Pressure
UBC-15-5 Roof Tiles

Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Fabrics & Adhesives
UBC 14-1       Building Paper
UBC 23-5       Fire Retartant Wood
ASTM D-412  Tensile Strength 
ASTM D-572  Rubber Deterioration
ASTM D-638  Tensile Properties
ASTM D-648  Deflection Temperature
ASTM D-695  Coeficient of Expansion
ASTM D-746  Brittleness Temperature
ASTM D-751  Coated Fabrics
ASTM D-756  Weight & Shape of Plastics
ASTM D-790  Flexural Properties
ASTM D-816  Rubber Cements
ASTM D-828  Tensile Properties
ASTM D-896  Resistance of Adhesive Bond
ASTM D-905  Strength Properties
ASTM D-1002 Shear Strength
ASTM D-1004 Tear Resistance
ASTM D-1037 Wood-Based Fiber
ASTM D-1042 Linear Dimensions
ASTM D-1183 Resistance to Cyclic Aging
ASTM D-1204 /linear Dimensional Changes
ASTM D-1212 Measurement of Wet Film
ASTM D-1499 Weatherometer (Carbon-Arc)
ASTM D-1781 Climbing Drum Peel
ASTM D-1867 Copper-Clad Thermosetting
ASTM D-2136 Low Temperature Bend
ASTM D-2137 Brittleness Point
ASTM D-2247 Water Resistance
ASTM D-2294 Creep Properties
ASTM D-2299 Stain Resistance
ASTM D-2565 Xenon Arc-Type Exposuure
ASTM D-4226 Impact Resistance
ASTM D-5034 Breaking Strength
ASTM D-5035 Breaking Force

Physical Testing of Structural Assemblies
ASTM A-370 Mechanical Testing Steel
ASTM E-72   Strength of Building Panels
ASTM E-96   Water Vapor Transmission
ASTM E-154  Water Vaper Retarders
ASTM E-330  Structural Performance
ASTM E-331  Water Penetration Walls
ASTM E-455  Diaphragm Shear
ASTM E-514  Water Penetration Masonry
ASTM E-564  Static Load for Shear

Accelerated Aging
ASTM D-2565  Xenon Light Exposure
ASTM G-23     Light Exposure (Carbon Arc)
ASTM G-26     Light Exposure (Xenon)
ASTM G-53     Light & Water Exposure

Fire Testing
UBC 2-1         Non-combustible Materials
UBC 15-2       Fire Retardancy Roof Coverings
UBC 26-5       Smoke Density
UBC 26-6       Ignition Properties
UBC 26-7       Light Transmitting Plastics
ASTM D-635   Rate of Burning
ASTM D-2843 Density of Smoke
ASTM E-108   Roof Coverings
ASTM E-136   Vertical Tube Furnace

Thermal Transmission
ASTM C-177 Steady-State Heat Flux
ASTM C-578 Thermal Insulation
ASTM E-228 Linear Thermal Expansion